This is not

ice cream as you know it.

Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Did you know gelato isn’t ice cream? They’re relatives, sure. But you’ll be happy to know that gelato, made with more milk than cream, actually has less fat than ice cream.

And thanks to the gelato-making process, it’s smoother, too. (In gelato-making speak, there’s less overrun, which means less air is incorporated while churning. And less air? That means more smooth.)

 We’re proud to be one of few area producers approved by the FDA to manufacture and pasteurize our own gelato base, a key component to a perfect final product. All of our signature flavors begin with our custom base which is flavored and matured for 24 hours. These liquid bases are then delivered from our Belmont facility to Black Dog retail outlets for “spinning.”

Only gelato that is made in the morning is sold that day. In the summer months, we produce between 400-700 gallons a week. So, yeah, you can say we know a thing or two about gelato.

Meet our flavors, then come eat them. 😉

Signature Flavors are always in the case. Rotating Flavors are only available for that month. Catch them while you can!