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I scream, you scream, we all scream for…gelato? Ice cream has held a special place in Jessica Oloroso’s heart since she was a kid. It’s no surprise she founded her own line of the Italian version, the popular Black Dog Gelato. Ms. Oloroso opened her first store in 2010 in Ukrainain Village and debuted a second location in Roscoe Village last May. But prior to helming her own shops, Ms. Oloroso was creating unique flavors, harkening back to her days as pastry chef at Scylla. If you look at the dessert menus of Leopold, Girl and the Goat, The Drawing Room or Bangers and Lace, you’ll find Black Dog listed as well. “Some chefs want a unique product that they can tailor to their menu,” she says. “We accommodate those restaurants and work with their chefs to design flavors.” With out-of-the-icebox flavors such as Goat Cheese Cashew Carmel, Mexican Hot Chocolate and White Chocolate Banana Curry, the sky is the limit for new flavors. “I wait for it to happen,” Ms. Oloroso says of the flavor lightbulb moment. “When I force a new flavor, they aren’t as successful.” And if you think that as a professional gelato chef you’d get overwhelmed with eating the treat every day, think again. “There’s a reason why I chose to do this,” Ms. Oloroso says. “I love to eat it!”

BY Rebecca Michuda • Ashton Ray Hansen photograph


Gianduja gelato at Black Dog Gelato
Every flavor, every time, Jessie Oloroso kills it. But when her shop is out of this knee-bucklingly rich chocolate-hazelnut flavor, it very nearly kills us. Time Out Chicago

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At one end of a humming kitchen, milk churns in a machine while an employee in a grey t-shirt chops chocolate into coarse, fragrant chunks nearby. She turns her attention to a large mixing machine and in no time, a thick, creamy mass is oozing from the spout. Read the full article at Hogsalt