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Black Dog Gelato

Artisanal gelato hand crafted in small batches made fresh daily.
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Black Dog recipes combine respect to the artisanal gelato-making process with modern, intriguing flavors you won’t find anywhere else. We make a Northern style base, known for being the creamiest, richest, and tastiest. And start every morning with the simplest ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. Then, we get a little bit extra: our milk is sourced locally, our nut spreads are always homemade, we feature seasonal fruit and the highest quality chocolate, and we’re committed to being one of the very few licensed pasteurizing facilities in the area. Day in and day out, we only make what we need; when we sell out, we close. Which sounds like a lot just to make gelato. But what can we say? We love this stuff. And we know you will, too.

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Did you know gelato isn’t ice cream? They’re relatives, sure. But you’ll be happy to know that gelato, made with more milk than cream, actually has less fat than ice cream. And thanks to the gelato-making process, it’s smoother, too. (In gelato-making speak, there’s less overrun, which means less air is incorporated while churning. And less air? That means more smooth.)




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